Robbie Donovan, PC '20

When I came to Purdue, I decided to live in the dorms my freshman year. I knew about BYX from my older cousin who had graduated and was a part of it, but it wasn’t appealing to me at the time. I quickly realized my first semester that the dorms weren’t working out for me and that I needed to be looking for a change in housing the following year. Now that I have a semester living at BYX under my belt, I realize that it was exactly what I needed. The amount of close friendships I’ve made is something I really didn’t expect going into it. I’ve always been a little more on the reserved side, but BYX really forced me to step out of my comfort zone and invest in the brotherhood. The accountability through weekly cell group and different friendships were essential to my spiritual growth this past semester. Not only that, BYX has encouraged me to look for ways to serve around the house, my church, and the community. God has constantly been showing me things I need to work on, and I’m very thankful for this brotherhood that has pushed me to become more like Christ in many ways. BYX changed my whole college experience this past semester. I’m excited to make new memories and to continue to grow in my relationship with God and my brothers in Christ. 

Josh Ackerman, PC '20

Joining the brotherhood of Beta Upsilon Chi has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. From the weekly encouragement throughout the semester all the way to spiritual development, BYX instills the character and lifestyle that are essential for developing men who live for Christ. This place is so unique especially during a time where having a consistent community is so hard to come by. Young men from different parts of the world, who have all sorts of different interests and backgrounds, come together at BYX because of the common bond of their love for Jesus Christ. BYX fosters an environment where men are able to be vulnerable with one another and talk openly and honestly about what they are going through. This place has been unlike any other that I have ever been able to experience. Rush BYX!

Andrew Brandon, PC '20

For much of my college search process as a high school senior, Purdue and BYX were not on my radar at all. I was an out of state kid and I had no connection to the house who did not know anyone currently living at Purdue BYX or anyone that ever had lived at BYX. When I did finally hear about BYX, I knew it was something I would want to check out, but I never thought I would end up here. Seeing the brotherhood up close at a rush event totally changed my thought process, and not long after I knew that Purdue BYX is where God was leading me. Coming to Purdue BYX is the best decision I have ever made, and Purdue BYX has exceeded all my expectations beyond what I ever could have thought. Brotherhood is a bit cliche, but here it is real. College can be a tough season in a young person’s faith, but thanks to Purdue BYX it is becoming my best season. BYX provides the opportunity to grow together in our faith, and also to share that with those on Purdue’s campus, and I will be forever grateful that I came here.

Alex Landess, PC '19

When I first came to Purdue, I was completely unaware that BYX even existed.  I went through Freshman year alone, broken, and without that key bond of Christian brotherhood that I didn’t even acknowledge as an important bond.  Freshman year was definitely difficult, but then the Lord led me to BYX.  Being involved with these guys here at BYX has given me that Christian brotherhood that has allowed me to grow and serve through so many areas and given me a place where I have brothers who are always there for me and allowing me to be there for them as well.  Growing together with these men who have the common goal to pursue Christ has been a blessing and an answer to prayer.

Mark Wiley, PC '19

When I was in high school, I had a close group of Christian guys that I had known my entire life. During my first year at Purdue, I struggled to find community like I had in high school. I felt called to go to a secular university in order to show God’s love to those who may not know Him. However, I did not have the support around me that I needed to do this. Then, I found Beta Upsilon Chi and the brotherhood I had been missing. Through these lifelong relationships, I have grown spiritually, more now than any other period in my life. Also, I have so many fun memories of messing around with the guys in the house and all of our functions. BYX creates an environment where young men can form close relationships with other Christian men but also provides opportunities to share the love of Christ on campus. My life has been completely changed by BYX and I am thankful for it every day.


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